Friday, April 2, 2010

Fashion Friday

I'm straying from the typical self portrait after work photo to instead talk about another very important fashion! My partner in shopping crime, Steph (my mom), was in town last week for my birthday and we did our part to invade the resale shops around town and make sure there was room for new items to be put on the racks! On Saturday, JJ joined us on a trip down Hawthorne, where he took this picture after she purchased, and immediately donned, this snazzy belt..
On Sunday, we hit our favorite Goodwill, where Steph did not purchase this miniature shirt that she found in the "XL" section. That brings up a shopping tip. When shopping resale, especially in a Goodwill or Value Village, one must go through each size section. It is super common to find something that fits wonderfully in a section that does not typically reflect your size.
We try on practically everything in the store. When we walked in, we foolishly decided to share a cart. By the time we were going to the dressing room after perusing the shirt section, it was apparent that we would each need our own. After shopping, we met up with JJ for pizza and then went home and grabbed a couple glasses of wine and went up to my dressing room to introduce the new clothes to the old clothes and make outfits, some of which will grace the internets on future Fashion Fridays... stay tuned :)

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