Tuesday, April 13, 2010

JJ does the DD

So I don't know if you've heard about this... JJ has been excited about it ever since it was just an idea on the interwebs. Now, Husband loves him some KFC and had high expectations. He picked me up from dance on the motorcycle and we wheeled through the drive-through on the way home. Awesomely enough, on our way to KFC, we passed a house with a chicken walking around the yard. (Trivia: it was a Buff Orpington Double Trivia: Whoa! Shannon knows way more about chickens than you thought! Go, Farm Girl!) I missed the photo op, but found the timing hilarious. Anyway, back to the sandwich... Here John is at home with his bag o' goodness and his glass of wine, what a fancy dinner.
The moment of truth....
He liked it! The official review is that he would have liked some lettuce on it and wished they had used thicker bacon. What he'd really like to try is the "good" version, made with awesome ingredients. I don't know if anyone wants to take that on.

PS: I totally had a bite. I liked it too. One bite was enough, but I can't say that it was gross, as so many are claiming.

PSS: Lots of people are complaining about this. It's unhealthy and expensive and not a good meal choice. Guess what folks? No one is claiming that it is. KFC did not introduce this with your health in mind. They did it so that people all over will try one and write about it on the internets.

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Third Waage said...

It's still gross looking..and yes it needs lettuce and tomato! KFC has been advertising it in print as a better choice than a whopper or Big Mac because it's only 500 calories. I have no clue how it’s only 500 looks like 1000 easy.