Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Theme: Glitter

We took off Saturday morning for a walk to one of our favorite delicious breakfasts of mochas and the best scones ever. After our wonderful snack, we continued down Hawthorne and spent the morning shopping around and then landed at Bridgeport for lunch and pre-pedicure beers. We were both overdue and in the interest of being able to wear open toed shoes (for me) and so Gary won't make fun of him for his worn out polish (for John), we packed our flip flops and made it a goal. Awesomely enough, John was going to go be all metal and work at the club and it was pretty funny that his preparation included shopping and a pedi :) I tried out a new purple glitter paint that my mom had given me and John went for straight up gold with a glitter topcoat. I have to admit, I added the glitter topcoat to my purple once I saw how good his looked. I think I'm going to copy it next time. Here we are in our massage chairs catching up on Hollywood gossip and Cosmo sex tricks.
In our shopping travels, we passed the coolest purse in the world and because my metal, manly husband is also such a wonderful girlfriend, he agreed with the "must have" status of this hot pink glitter purse. Hot Pink. Glitter. The inside even has animal print. Here it is being all badass on the back of the bike.


Kimberly Yannariello said...

Dude, total score! I'll trade you for my Kimberly backpack?

EvieG said...

It's hard to challenge the Kimberly back pack, but I got to see this purse in real life and it's SO good.