Friday, August 13, 2010

Fashion Friday

I love it when rushed mornings when I don't know what to wear result in something quickly thrown together that I end up liking. I grabbed Kim's hand-me-down jeans because I wanted something comfy. They have brown on the pockets so I tried the brown tank top and belt... getting there. The shoes slipped on easily and I looked boring. hmm, scan jewelery...did that... same 'ol... meh.. scan dressing room....not going to wear cowgirl hat to work....scan back..AHA! I got this hat at a recent Buffalo Exchange trip for $4.50 and it was the perfect topper (pun intended) for this outfit! I added my mom's old gold and silver Wonder Woman bracelet (it doesn't really have anything to do with WW, I don't know why I call it that. ) a necklace my grandma made (the other grandma this time, she made it with agates) and earrings I made!
This is my new fave photo spot. It's where I catch and get off the bus and I love that the clouds reflect in the windows. I had a bunch of good shots from this streetside photo shoot, except that my face looked dumb :) I'll practice a bit with future outfits and try again! Happy Friday!

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