Friday, August 20, 2010

Fashion Friday: Miss Match

Last week I was running late one day and had tried three different outfits and nothing was quite right. It was one minute after I was supposed to leave for the bus stop, so I left on my skirt (because I had on matching shoes), threw on a shirt from the pile, grabbed a pendant and a chain and ran out the door. (Ps: I'm thinking I should enter one of those high heel races for as often as I run to the bus stop in the morning). I realized when I left that nothing in my outfit matched and kind of thought I'd stay in hiding once I got to the office. Oddly enough, it seemed to work so I re-tried it this week on purpose. The skirt is navy and white with tiny pieces of light orange and even tinier pieces of light green. The shirt is black (I know, its a no-no because I look like I don't know my skirt has navy in it. That said, I think solid navy and solid black is a yes!). The necklace is turquoise and the scarf is red with some orange and black. oddly enough, I like it. I think it would be better if I had a navy shirt, but I'm still OK with it. I think the glasses help by bringing the white of the skirt up to the top of the outfit.
The scarf has shown up more than once. The sunglasses get a lot of attention (yes, they're hearts!) and here's a bit of a zoom into the necklace. It's an old pin of my grandma's and I simply put a chain through the bejeweled antennae. Random people on the bus/street have offered to buy it from me . I think it's gorgeous (and it's a bug made of jewels, come on..)
PS: Outfit trivia? Those are my wedding shoes.

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