Monday, August 11, 2008


John went rafting with Nic and the HT crew last year. I did not because I was scared to death to do it. I have been a constant "no" on the rafting question. However, earlier this summer, John and I were out on the bike and he took me to Maupin and we went up and down the whole stretch and watched countless rafts do the entire length of run that they did. After that day, I agreed to give it a shot. Kim hadn't been either but we were going to try it. Chewy and Boston were with us too, and they had both done it before so Kim and I were the only newbies.

After we'd gone over a few rapids and gotten splashed plenty, we got a little more confident. You'll notice that even though my hand is very close to Boston's head, I am still standing on the raft by myself!

We stopped and hiked back to these natural waterslides and everyone but me went down them. I have 4 excuses as to why i didn't do it.

1. I didn't want to lose a contact.
2. Someone has to hold everyone's sunglasses.
3. I have to take the pictures.
4. Are you fucking kidding me?! there's no way in hell i am doing that!!!

Here is John plunging to almost certain death:

I will however, stand here with Kim and look pretty.

That was just about the end. We had a few more easy little rapids to take us to the pick up spot. Easy rapids, but we still managed to lose Chewy :)

It was a blast. We're going again.

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