Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tony Toni Tone!!

OK, just Toni.... Toni has a birthday one month before mine and one day after Drew Barrymore.... Its a good day to have a birthday, but sometimes the weather sucks... She decided this year to celebrate her birthday and a half with a bike pub crawl!!!! good times were had by all...
Second stop, BOG: Toni and John with their matching tattoos:

The whole gang at BOG:

Third Stop: Hawthorne Lounge:

To proove we actually rode and didn't cheat:

Stop 4: Gold Dust Meridian: We drank a Radio Cab Fishbowl:

Also, there were toys on the drink!!!!

Stop whatever is next: Blue Monk... Toni and John look a little drunker than before....

Peggy and I might not be totally sober:

After that: Slow Bar... The jukebox there is good...

Also, we had cake.. then, the battle of the bellies!!!
(note that Toni is holding her dress up and has matching panties... Funderwear!!!!
and then, we had to ride home... there were crashes..
We will do it again. You should come.


John Judy said...

sofaking awesome.

Brian said...

John, you're such a playa!