Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rock the Runway

So, my blonde partner in crime, Kim, and I got asked to be in a style show for Blu, a salon in our 'hood. It was a benefit for the School of Rock (who happened to totally rock..) we got to get our hair did and wear fun outfits and be runway models for a day.

also, I was a runway model who did a cartwheel.

Best husband ever actually came backstage and offered to take pictures. Also, there was a silent auction and the quick thinker he is, he bid on two items.. $130 worth of tattoo at a kick ass tattoo place and a massage. he won both. $60 for the tat dollars and $25 for the massage. He let me buy the massage from him. today was victory :)

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John Judy said...

BTW, I mostly bid on the items because they were undervalued. To paraphrase Warren Buffet any time you can buy a dollar for fifty cents, do it. However, after having seen these kids I am TOTALLY a supporter of the school of rock. You should see these kids perform and give them money.