Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fashion Friday!

I had two outfit options this week, but decided to go with this one because it shows off something that there is a fair amount of in my closet: Altered stuff. I wanted a pair of cool baggy capri trousers but most of them are cut weird. They flare under the knee or something. So I purchased this pair of long pants at Goodwill and chose them for the way they fit from my waist to my calf and then promptly brought them home and chopped them off and hemmed them. and I love them. They are cute with boots or heels of as shown here with fancy socks. Also a DIY item in this outfit? The necklace. I recently found it in my jewelery chest and remember putting it together from an old chain of Nana's and some random pieces from other jewelery. I made the clasp out of a cute little ball. I altered the belt too. I was one Steph got me a long time ago. It's gorgeous, but too small to sit low like I like to wear my belts. So I carefully cut it in a place that made sense with the design and added a piece of elastic the same width as the belt. You'd never notice if I didn't point it out.

The socks aren't altered, of course, but remind me of the striped pair that I wore when I was cast as the Dodo bird in our 8th grade play.


Dr. A said...

Gorgeous! What play was it?

Shannon said...

Alice in Wonderland. The Dodo lead the Caucus race :)