Monday, March 15, 2010

I saw the sign....

do you want to take a little break and sing it? its' OK.

In our last two road trips, we've run across some awesome signage. So awesome, in fact, that we've turned around a couple times to take pictures of them. This is likely to be a blog theme that resurfaces. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before that John and I have 2 big regrets in our life. 1) Once upon a time when we were traveling through the Midwest, we saw, but did not turn around to take a picture of, a sign that said "Garage Sale and Body Piercing." 2) While traveling through Oregon last fall, we saw, but did not turn around a take a picture of, a dead deer on the side of the road with a sign above it that said "Free Deer" with an arrow pointing down. that's funny, dude. So that brings us to now, where we are going to take the pictures of the funny signs and compile them into blog posts to share with y'all.

I wasn't sure whether this guy was proclaiming that we should worship his savior or if he was advertising himself to be a sexy Casanova. the Jesus fish license plate holder makes me think it's the former...
I laughed every time we passed this one. well done, guys.
God Bless America Oceanview indeed. Lov God probably stays at this hotel...
I wonder if Jesus is pissed that they posted his text message. I don't think I'd like it if someone did that to me.
oh dear. It kind of looks like that fish is smiling, but I believe those diagonal lines insinuate slicing by the knife above him. poor fish.
The original food group. genius.

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