Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fashion Friday

My grandma had tons of jewelery. It was almost all costume jewelery, which is awesome because that means it came in every color, size, and shape imaginable. When she died, my mom when through her stuff and sent me a giant box of it. Some, she put in smaller boxes and labeled with memories or stories about the piece; if she remembered Nana wearing it, or if she knew where it came from, etc. I saved the notes with some of the pieces that I kept whole. A large part of the box was a bunch of random pieces that she sent with the sole intent that I could take them apart and re-work them. One of the little baubles I have always liked has an unknown origin. I honestly don't know if this used to be part of a ring or necklace or bracelet, or maybe even a button..? Regardless, it's second life is being lived as a ring:
I think the fact that it's missing two of the little stones makes it endearing, like the scars of living a life with an unknown history. and no, I don't have one of those fancy solderers....
:) I admired it all day while I wore it with a purple summer-y dress with sweater over it and tights and boots to accommodate the blustery weather. Nana would have told me I looked smart..

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