Monday, March 22, 2010


We knew Saturday had the potential to be motorcycle weather and woke up happy to see the sun. We walked over to Mt. Tabor and then down Hawthorne to Common Grounds for breakfast and then back home. It was gorgeous and we admired all the flowers and cool houses and kitties we encountered on the way. Once home, and certain that the weather would stick, we got everything ready for our day of adventure. Our first stop was downtown at Pazzo. We love to sit there and drink a beer and split a pizza and watch the people go by. It's also one of those places where we walk in and they know what we want, which is cool :) After lunch, we headed up to Prost, where we sat at the bar and drank some delicious German beers for dessert. John had some sauerkraut and I took a bite, which I immediately regretted. He says it's an acquired taste, and I'm just not sure I even want to acquire it. ick.and because Prost is so conveniently located to another of our haunts, Saraveza, we stopped to enjoy the coldest Hamm's in town since we were in the neighborhood. After that, we grabbed a mocha down the street and then hit the road out to Sauvie Island.
It was gorgeous out there and we stopped for a restroom break and happened to encounter seemingly all of the birds on the island in the same place. It was amazing...
The sound as well as the motion of them all flying was simply breathtaking.
We headed back towards town and got stopped at one of the bridges and took full advantage of the time delay from the passing barge to have a super fun little photoshoot...
After one more stop to see our friends at Hawthorne Theatre, we made our way to a recommended new bar in the neighborhood, The Observatory. When I texted the recommenders (none other than the lovely Jens), we discovered they were on their way as well and we got to enjoy a lovely dinner with two of our favorite gals. We maximized every minute the sun was out and can't for the summer to start.

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