Friday, June 4, 2010

Fashion Friday

I cut the feet off of these tights because they were way too big and my intent was to wear them with boots. I had no idea how much I would love them with skirts for spring. I do not find it acceptable to wear skirts with bare legs unless your legs are fit and tan. If they are not both of those things, you should wear tights. However, as is gets nicer outside, tights feel winter-y. Tights add a layer of warmth and you want to wear open toed shoes. Also, if you're one like me who likes skirts on the short side, you have to make sure you are office-friendly. I think capri tights are a great solution to all of the above! I'd love to have awesome stories about the make-up of this outfit, but it's mostly Forever 21. Headband, shirt, skirt, shoes, all xxi. I'm wearing the swimsuit top underneath because that tat is still healing and not ready for bra straps yet. I've had the earrings since high school :)

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