Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fashion Friday

I built this first outfit based on the skirt and the shoes. I have been dieing to wear these awesome purple shoes... I mean, look at them :) I don't have much purple in the shirt department, so I decided to make them accents and add jewelery to match. I chose this grandma-style necklace that I used to keep in my "play jewelery box." (I have a couple things in our house in case kids come over and need to be entertained. the box of play jewelery is one of them. It is comprised of a bunch of old jewelery from my grandma and mom that I couldn't bring myself to wear. As is evident by this post, sometimes I change my mind.) I added the purple bracelet, which I love. (and it's from Walmart. sorry if you hate Walmart) I also rocked my old Evie/Shannon "cheer up" ring. One day I was on my way to the studio and Evie was sad. I had to stop at Lippmans for something for Sugar Q so I picked us up matching purple rings. It totally cheered her up. a good friend will throw down the $1.25 to do that :) The skirt is an old dress that I cut the top off of. I tapered the waist a bit and I never tie the strings that are supposed to be tied. I let them hang free because I like the sash-y look.

Let me say that after wearing these shoes all day, they are SUPER comfy. yay! I couldn't wait to wear them again. I figured I'd wait til the next week because of the purple-ness. Then I realized that if they were black, I wouldn't hesitate to wear them twice in one week. Why should purple have a different rule? So I rocked them again 2 days later...
They are a smaller part of this outfit, but an awesome part! This shirt has been everywhere.. John saw me in the morning and said "that's quite a shirt.." I said that I'd had it since high school and he said "what, high school in the circus?.." I got a ton of compliments on it throughout the day. I have had it since high school and when I went to college, I left it home and my mom wore it for a few years and then I got it back after I moved to Portland. On a similar note, last summer she insisted on stealing those earrings from me and then when she saw how many pictures I had where I had worn them she felt bad and sent them back. With that belt :)


Dr. A said...

I covet those shoes!!!!!

EvieG said...

I heart that ring. And that it was from you.