Monday, June 7, 2010

This may not be your favorite thing about me....

I always have some sort of big fish. In order to keep big fish healthy and active, they have to have good diets. The best thing to give them is live food. What that means is that I have a cricket container in my basement. Depending on how many fish I need to feed, I buy 100-500 crickets at a time. I feed the crickets carrots to help naturally enhance the coloring of the fish (I know, I'm a big fish nerd). More than one of my friends has given a nervous laugh and then quickly walked away when they realized the the tote with the screen top labeled "crickets" was actually true. Once upon a time there was a hole in the screen and unfortunately it coincided with Eva spending the night downstairs. She was cool when she mentioned that she awoke to a cricket crawling on her face, but I know she did the "OMG its a bug on me" dance more than once when she thought about it.

Evie is also totally freaked out by their creepy crawly noise when I get them in a box and bring it to dance with me. I loved the look on her face when I first told her that if anyone ever pissed me off really bad that I'd release the box of 500 crickets into their house or car (or dance studio, tee hee) and if I didn't have access to those things, I would simply mail them the box (which they are very anxious to get out of the second that it's opened even a little).

- evil grin :) -

PS: Bonus points for the friends of mine who feed my fish when I'm gone.

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EvieG said...

I definitely do NOT get bonus points! However, in a pinch, I would totally feed your fish for you. And then I would shower with a steel wool and Comet Cleanser.