Thursday, October 25, 2012

breathe. step-tap, step-tap.

I am frustrated this morning and spinning my wheels on something I don't want to be doing while a fun project is waiting for me.  I'm also inspired and want to write and pour out my feelings.  I need a revised creative outlet.  Ye 'ol blog has been a repository for little more than my photo challenge lately so I think it needs an overhaul.  I also wonder if anyone reads it anymore.  If so, is my audience my intended audience or if I share my life right here am I putting myself or someone I love at risk?  I don't know the answers.  and I don't really want to know who shows up here to check on my life, just that you do it for entertainment purposes.  I'm happy to perform my happiness and sadness and put myself out there and will do it for an audience who is either anonymous or caring, but I worry sometimes that there is a lurker who could do harm or just cause general tumult.  Can't you bad guys just stay on Facebook?  I want you to come because you think I'm interesting or funny or take good pictures or that my dance vids are badass (because, duh.  they are).  and I want to share.

On an unrelated note, I have my hair down today and it's clean and I don't have any makeup on except lipstick and I feel pretty.  I like when that happens.

Also, here is a dog and a ball and a bunny, all roughly the same size.

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