Friday, July 9, 2010

Fashion Friday

This was not the first fashion choice this week.. I was super cute yesterday, wearing my wedding shoes and a fresh flower in my hair.. But it was super hot and by the time I got home, I looked like this. I've been rolling around this post in the back of my mind anyway, so maybe the timing is apropos given our current weather situation.

Swimsuits! It may not come as a surprise that I have a ton of them. A whole drawer, in fact. and I wear them all. I wear the supportive ones to teach dance and I tend to believe that when traveling in the summer, a swimsuit top and a skirt is the perfect outfit. I also love to add a bandanna or hat and earrings (and usually a necklace if rocking it with a skirt) and I am ready to go! Most of the time, I like to mismatch tops and bottoms. Below is an example. The top is one that I liked because of the skimpy, clasping back (not a tie...) and the metal rings. But it was a little too big, so I unstrung it, folded the bottom of the "V" up and sewed in a seam. The I restrung it and now I wear it all the time!
The bottom I like to wear because the inside is hot pink, so if I roll over the waist (like I tend to do with everything), a bit of color peeks out. and on the back is a silver guitar.
Does that make me a butt rocker?

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