Friday, July 2, 2010

Fashion Friday

Orange! I've recently decided to just go ahead and love it! Oddly enough, it works better with the red hair than I thought it would. It seems the only color that I really don't like with the red hair is hot pink... hmmm. anyway, I scored this fantastic shirt at Goodwill and I think I'll have it for years. I love the fit and the neck and the beading and the color! Since orange is new to my closet, I don't have a lot to match it with. I'm going to avoid black because I don't want to look Halloween-y. I, oddly enough, don't have a brown skirt (inevitably to be remedied soon...) and even so, I don't know if it will work with the gray-ish beading. I will be trying the shirt with gray the very second that I find myself some orange shoes! I decided to pair it with denim, the trustiest of all closet staples, and chose this old skirt that I've had for millions of years.

I go back and forth about it, and I don't know if it's "cool" or not, but it never makes it into the Goodwill pile, even though it's seemingly styled after a mullet. Also, it's a size 3 (When I turned 35, I told myself it was time to get rid of all the 3's unless they really fit well. No need to squeeze, commit to the 5's and 7's :)) Every time I put it on, I love it. What's more, I like it in pictures when I see it too. The shoes are old gems from Target and are super comfy and able to walk for miles.
I busted out the orange jewelery and was surprised how many compliments I got on the ring! From guys even. Nana must have put a magic spell on it because I can't believe that a clip-on earring attached to a band would warrant so much attention. Especially when I'm busting out those triceps :)

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