Monday, July 12, 2010

Friday night sailing date!

We got invited by our old and dear friends, Justin and Kerstin, to join them for sailing and dinner (literally) on the water Friday night after work. You may recall that I went with Justin last fall when he was a little newer to the sport, but this was JJ's first time. The weather was super hot , which made for a very enjoyable night on the river.
We sailed down under the bridge and on the way back barbecued fish and Kerstin made fish tacos. Here JJ is steering the boat, manning the bbq (hooked to the boat behind him) and drinking his drink. a natural born sailor.
It's fun to have friends that we've known for so long and who we've shared so many different experiences with. We've seen each other through different phases and hobbies and goals and probably share some secrets :) While we ebb and flow from each others' lives, when we get together there' a wonderful, comfortable, fun friendship that we'll probably have for the rest of our lives.

sailor's delight indeed.

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Dr. A said...

Looks like so much fun! Was there grog?