Sunday, July 11, 2010


We leave for NoDak on Wednesday morning. It looks like summer finally decided to show up, so we are happily taking the motorcycle. I think I've mentioned how freeing it is to only have the items with you that fit into a saddlebag. The hard part is deciding what those items are in advance. It's funny how many things that you "need" as you start packing and how little you need once you're on the road. LBK, as usual, is right there to help...
I laid out all the shirts I wanted to take and then eliminated 1/3 of them. I did the same with sunglasses.
Also, during by back and forth from the saddlebag in the living room and my dressing room, I managed to get my choreography done for class when I get home. I did that last year and remember how good it felt to just know that it was done and one more thing off my mind for vacation. Which is good because I've been working on a project at work since March that launches the day I get back. My life right now? totally rules.

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Megan said...

Have tons of fun back yonder! Yee haw!!!!!