Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wayne and Dottie's rustic fishing cabins

Because so many of you were intrigued by the last one I thought it might be fun to share the little gem of a hotel we had for the weekend. It was a full house at JJ's folks' vacation house, so we went down to see about securing a spot in the tiny town's hotel. The sign outside directs you to an address, which in a town that maxes out at about 4th Ave, isn't very hard to find. We were greeted a little yipper of a dog and by Dottie, who was going to rent us our room. She was delightful and made sure to give us a card and invited us to take a pen so we could call if we needed reservations next time (which is actually really good, because these rooms go fast. I'm not even kidding). It was just me and JJ staying there, but we could have housed much more. There was a twin bed and also a twin bed with a single bunk! It had a little kitchen and everything. and then there was the bathroom... with a walk in shower... with a sink.
and an exposed pull chain light fixture. What could possibly go wrong?

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