Friday, September 17, 2010

Fashion Friday

This little one-side-ruffled top is awesome because I can rock it with tights as a dress or scrunch it up and wear it as a shirt! It's super soft and I loved the feel of it with the tights and booties all day. I also had an opened button up shirt I wore over it in the office for added coverage and to combat the inevitable office chills.
I scored the adorable little lace up booties at goodwill one day. I'm more of a boots or shoes kind of gal, so the booties are a new look to work through for me. but I dig 'em, at least with this look. Also, I just love gray and black together. I topped it off with go-to big silver earrings and a metal hair flower! oh, and matching purse, cause that's just how I roll :)

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