Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion Friday

As I was getting dressed the other day, I was excited to wear this shirt, I love the color and it is super soft. I was also excited for the maiden voyage of these new (used) boots! They reminded me of my friend Annie from the minute I saw them and they will probably be referred to as my "Annie boots" from here on out. They turned out to be super comfy! Yay Annie boots! I didn't plan any part of the outfit other than the shirt and the boots and when looking for a skirt, I was really wishing I had a good brown one (Note to fall shopping list: brown skirt. Also, you'd probably like brown pants too. Look for them as well). As I put this one on, it was immediately apparent that bare legs are over for the year. It's weird when that happens. I'm still plenty tan and have good legs, but something in the air is different and tights season has begun. I love this skirt dearly, but it's not what I really wanted in this outfit look. I think it would be better with a dark wash denim or as stated earlier, brown. (that said, I will probably pair this exact outfit with my orange-y red corduroy skirt as well. How cool will that be with the coral and turquoise necklace!!!) I originally questioned the chocolate brown tights with the reddish brown boots, but I actually think they complement each other quite nicely. Something else is that I typically wear two blue topaz rings, one on each side of my wedding ring and they looked amazing with the shirt. You can barely make out my favorite turquoise ring on my right hand as well.
I'm hoping if I keep talking about my outfit, you'll ignore my yard full of weeds :) (second note to self: call yard guy today)


Sorensen's Resort said...

YAY!! I love Annie Boots! They're so cute! Also totally digging the leggings/tights w/ boots combo. In fact, I'm wearing a some Shannon Boots w/ leggings right now!

Sorensen's Resort said...

sorry, it says that I'm Sorensen's Resort. I am, sorta, but not really. That's confusing. I should fix this.