Monday, September 13, 2010

Kayak Adventure!

Kayaking has been on "the list" for about 12 years. Always something we talked about doing, but never did. Until now! Thanks to an offer we couldn't refuse from groupon, we scheduled our kayak excursion!
After a brief introduction to our boats and some initial instruction, we were ready to go!
We made it into the water successfully. And by successfully, I mean without tipping over. The same cannot be said for everyone in our group.
We ended up with a gorgeous night and a view of the city we hadn't seen before.
The kayaking itself was a lot of fun and we both really enjoyed it.

Did I mention how cool the view was?
We paddled out to Ross Island and saw baby ducks and fish jumping and a big fat kitty lounging on a deck chair on one of the fancy houseboats.
a perfect night.

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